The new Force order Podcast

The new Force order: a Star Wars podcast - Episode 124: Back from Vacay

August 7, 2021

Doc is back from vacation to keep GGP in line again. JW Rinzler has succumbed to his cancer, Andor actress drops an unusual hint, Mark Hamill tweets again. is book of Boba going to get postponed? Does Mando even need Pedro Pascal? Are the Russo brothers in for a Star Wars Movie? On this weeks Who’s More OVER it’s Master vs Master Battle. It’s Obi Wan Kenobi vs Qui Gon Jinn. Which Master is MORE OVER! As usual email

for comments, answers or with suggestions. Please support the That Yoda Guy museum and Nick Maley @Nick Maley on Facebook. Unique one of a kind Star Wars items for sale there!!!

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