The new Force order Podcast

The new Force order: a Star Wars podcast - Episode 123: Out of the office.

July 29, 2021

This week Doc’s on vacation and GGP needs not one, not two, but THREE grown men to fill in for him. The Dark Lord of the Podcast Spiro is back in action along with Chris Feehan from the 501st and no cartoon watching Derek Gordon from the Midnight Hustle. The boys talk about the new Ezra and Thrwan casting and a host of other news. Who’s More OVER is a sith user battle this week. Savage Opress goes toe to toe with Asajj Ventress. Which twisted sith is MORE OVER! As usual email

for comments, answers or with suggestions. Please support the That Yoda Guy museum and Nick Maley @Nick Maley on Facebook. Unique one of a kind Star Wars items for sale there!!!

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